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Old Court Life in Spain (Vol.1&2)

Höfundur: Frances Minto Elliot Rafbók

Old Court Life in Spain in two volumes is a historical account of early Spain presented through customs of the royal court, from Witica and Roderich to the reign of Ferdinand and Isabel.

The first volume covers the period from 8th to 14th century, starting with Visigothic Kings of Hispania Witica and Roderich. The volume surveys the history of Iberian Peninsula in this period, focusing on the court life and customs, ending with Don Pedro called the Cruel, the last ruler of the main branch of the House of Ivrea. The Second volume deals with the 14th and 15th century Spain, surveying the historical events and presenting tradition and practice on royal court nearing the end of the Reconquista and the changes that occurred with the passing of time.

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