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9Klst. 20Mín

Quiet Secrets

Höfundur: J.L. Drake Lesari: Nelson Hobbs, Anastasia Watley Hljóðbók

Some secrets are better left untouched.

Sienna: I'm seeing a war unfold before my eyes. My past and future have now collided, and my heart is split in two. As the battle rages on, secrets surface and truths circle the drain, threatening to suck me under. Elio promised we had the rest of our lives together, but now he's questioning my history and doubting my loyalty.

Elio: Love and family are all that matter, so I keep a careful eye on our new visitors who have awoken the hornets' nest and revealed the snakes that have lain dormant for years. As I try to protect Sienna from her own past, betrayals are surfacing, and my paranoia is intensifying. One secret is discovered that will undoubtedly change everything.

Contains mature themes.

© 2022 Tantor Audio (Hljóðbók) ISBN: 9781666181449