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Shepherd’s Warning, Shepherd’s Delight

Höfundur: Patrick McLuskie Rafbók

Shepherd's Warning, Shepherd's Delight is a book of poetry describing Patrick McLuskie's walk from a lost place of belief in the abstract as God, where taking control of one's destiny is a matter of will and application, to a broken and then healed place before the personal God of Christianity. Turmoil became calm, calm became turmoil, backwards and forwards, as the understanding of self and the acceptance of grace, gently and gradually drew him to the feet of God. To the foot of the cross.

The realization that the Bible is God's word brings both relief and challenge. It is no neutral document. It demands a choice. It is both our greatest obstacle and our highest desire as we delight in it and weep before it, clinging to the hope that is Jesus, our Shepherd.

© 2020 Resource Publications (Rafbók) ISBN: 9781725254923