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Summer Sex 1: The Bus

Höfundur: Alexandra Södergran Lesari: Beau Cox Hljóðbók og Rafbók

Alice and Eddie have never met in real life, their only meeting was via webcam in their beds. But when they meet one warm summer day on a crowded bus, things immediately heat up. With no seats available, Alice ends up sitting on Eddie's knee, and soon they are oblivious to everything other than the rhythmic vibrations of the bus, the tense atmosphere, and their forbidden desires. It ends up being a journey they won't soon forget.

Summer Sex is a collection of three short stories. The Bus is the first part.

Alexandra Södergran is an anonymous Swedish author of erotic short stories. Her stories often deal with taboo topics in exciting and innovative ways. She has written more than twenty erotic short stories.

© 2020 Lust (Hljóðbók) ISBN: 9788726300048 © 2019 Lust (Rafbók) ISBN: 9788726287691 Þýðandi: Martin Reib Petersen

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