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Swingboats on the Sand

Höfundur: Grace Thompson Rafbók

A loving family is the greatest gift
In 1940, foreign travel is no longer feasible due to the War, so “holidays at home” enjoy a new lease of life, meaning business is booming for Piper’s Café at St David's Wells. However, not everyone in the family-run business is as happy as they seem.

Beth Castle has known Freddy Clements her entire life, and they are certain to become engaged any day now. But war changes everything, and with Freddy and her brothers going off to fight, it appears their lives will turn in unexpected directions.

​Swingboats on the Sand is the second of the Holidays at Home books, a series of enchanting British wartime sagas from the much-loved author Grace Thompson.

Grace Thompson is an acclaimed author of saga and romance novels, and a mainstay of libraries throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. Born and raised in South Wales, she is the author of numerous series, including the Valley series, the Pendragon Island series, and the Badgers Brook series. She published her 42nd novel shortly after celebrating her 80th birthday, and continues to live in Swansea.

© 2015 Canelo Saga (Rafbók) ISBN: 9781910859988

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