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The ABCs of a Troubled Republic: Musings on American Values

Höfundur: Meg Gorzycki Rafbók

See Jack worship; Pray, pray, pray! "Please make me holy, Lord, But not today."

Could it be that God sometimes uses humor to teach us? Here are some raucous rhymes for reflection that will poke and prod at the propriety of our piety. We Americans often wave our Christian credentials around the world, while at the same time being naughty to our neighbors, mired in materialism, and jarringly juvenile. In the style of basal readers, this book takes a swipe at hypocrisy. More than a parody of "See Dick and Jane! Run Spot run!" it invites readers to increase their awareness of the values that make our world a troubled place to be. Read, readers, read! Read every letter. Deep down inside, we can be better!

© 2019 Resource Publications (Rafbók) ISBN: 9781532699702