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The Body in the Library

Höfundur: Agatha Christie Lesari: Stephanie Cole Hljóðbók

A young woman found murderedA scandal in the making
When Mrs Bantry wakes to find a body in her library, there’s only one woman to call: her good friend Jane Marple.

But she hasn’t called her old friend for comfort.

The body in her library has been murdered and Miss Marple is so very good at solving murders.

Her investigations uncover a scandal far darker than either of them could have imagined, and this time she may be out of her depth.

Never underestimate Miss Marple

‘Christie always defied expectations, not only in her legendary twists and reveals, but also in the underestimated detectives she created as her heroes. The villains never see these sleuths coming – and that’s half the fun.’
Leigh Bardugo

‘One of the most ingeniously contrived of all her murder stories.’
Birmingham Post

© 2006 HarperCollins (Hljóðbók) ISBN: 9780007249268

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