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Fantasía & Scifi

The Death Ship (Vol. 1-3)

Höfundur: William Clark Russell Rafbók

Geoffrey Fenton is a second-rate officer who embarks on the ship called Saracen. On the high seas, they have an encounter with a brig who claims to have sighted the mythical ghost ship of the Flying Dutchman, cursed ship that can never reach land, condemned to sail forever and ever, bringing bad luck to any ship that crosses its path. This information starts haunting the captain of the Saracen due to the contagious bad luck that this may entail and it turns out to be right when Fenton suffers an accident. He gets rescued by the ghostly crew of the Flying Dutchmen and the infamous Captain Vanderdecken. His only mission becomes to escape from the Death Ship.

© 2020 e-artnow (Rafbók) ISBN: 4064066400378