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The Direct Path: A User Guide

Höfundur: Greg Goode Lesari: James Anderson Foster Hljóðbók

Have you ever done non-dual inquiry and said to yourself, "I understand it intellectually, but I don't feel it. It's not my experience!" If so, The Direct Path, inspired by Sri Atmananda (Krishna Menon), could be for you.

This book is the "missing manual" to the Direct Path. Direct-Path inquiry is presented from beginning to end and beyond, in a user-friendly way. The core of this book is a set of forty experiments designed to help dissolve the most common non-dual sticking points, from simple to subtle. The experiments cover the world, the body, the mind, abstract objects, and witnessing awareness. You are taken step-by-step from the simple perception of a physical object all the way to the collapse of the witness into pure consciousness. Your takeaway is that there's no experiential doubt that you and all things are awareness, openness, and love.

Also included are a section on teaching and the notion of a "post-nondual realization."

This book can be utilized on its own or as a companion to the author's Standing as Awareness.

© 2021 Tantor Audio (Hljóðbók) ISBN: 9781666154825

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