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The Door on Every Tear: Poems

Höfundur: Neil Carpathios Rafbók

To get at the mysterious inner essence of human experience requires an almost savage preoccupation with attentiveness. By keenly looking outward, then corkscrewing deeply inward, Neil Carpathios attempts to locate and "understand / the origin of all tears." What is the function of sadness? How can one know delight in a world of conflict, pain, and loneliness? How do birth and death overlap in this miraculous place? Clues are uncovered to these and other questions in surprising moments, such as when the poet eavesdrops on two angels hovering in the corner of his dying mother's hospital room, or when a homeless friend describes the art of homelessness. Ghosts are everywhere, as are the flesh and blood people that make life worth living. In poems of rare and raw honesty and directness, Carpathios invites the reader into the beautiful, and awful, silences of his heart.

© 2020 Resource Publications (Rafbók) ISBN: 9781725257429