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The Highlander’s Hellion

Höfundur: Eliza Knight Lesari: Antony Ferguson Hljóðbók

Lady Greer was a hellion from the moment she could walk. So when the young woman is forbidden by her father, the Earl of Sutherland, to sail, she steals a boat and rows it out into the firth anyway. But her relaxing jaunt turns into so much more when a storm ravages the chill waters and certain death is soon upon her.

The last thing Roderick MacCulloch, Laird of Gleann Mórinnse Castle, expects to find while out scouting his property is a soaked lass upon his shores. When she demands he take her back to her clan, he recognizes her as the mischievous lass who taunted him at a festival when they were children. Roderick realizes this might be his chance to have a bit of fun and give the lass a taste of her own medicine.

But Roderick’s chance at revenge turns into a merry chase across the Highlands that leads them both to unexpected passion, perilous danger … and maybe even love.

© 2019 Blackstone Publishing (Hljóðbók) ISBN: 9781982549886

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