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The House by the Brook

Höfundur: Grace Thompson Rafbók

Badgers Brook: more than a home, a way of life.
Marie Masters has been happily married for nine years, but she can’t help but feel her once-loving husband Ivor is no longer the man she married. He’s increasingly prone to drink and gambling, and has become strangely secretive. Worried that Ivor’s behaviour is putting their growing family at risk, Marie decides to follow her husband.

Marie learns that Ivor is spending time at a run-down house called Badgers Brook, but that’s only the beginning of it. There’s a lot about Ivor that Marie doesn’t know, and her newfound discoveries will test her beyond anything she thought possible. As Ivor’s secrets are gradually uncovered, Marie must draw upon her love for her family and her belief in herself to survive.

A timeless, emotional journey from a beloved writer, perfect for fans of Anna Jacobs and Freda Lightfoot.

© 2016 Canelo Saga (Rafbók) ISBN: 9781910859278

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