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The Last Day of Christmas

Höfundur: Chris Brookmyre Lesari: Angus King, Kate Bracken, Multiple Narrators Hljóðbók

Civil servant Kendra has spent her whole life struggling against the Etonian powers-that-be. So when she realises her boss is up to no good, she turns whistleblower, calling a journalist who is looking for a way to fight back himself. Jack Parlabane is a hack who will go to desperate lengths for a good story. Reduced to peddling PR puff pieces, he is delighted when Kendra's information threatens to blow up a national corruption case. But Parlabane soon realises this story might prove dangerous to both of them.

© 2015 W. F. Howes Ltd (Hljóðbók) ISBN: 9781510011144

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