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The Wonderful Visit

Höfundur: H.G. Wells Lesari: Mary Bard Hljóðbók og Rafbók

An other-worldly creature visits a small English village, and H. G. Wells uses humour and satire to convey some of the imperfections of Victorian society, as 'angel' and humans view each other with equal incomprehension.

With an angel-a creature of fantasy unlike a religious angel-as protagonist and taking place in contemporary England, the book could be classified as contemporary fantasy, although the genre was not recognised in Wells's time.

The Wonderful Visit also has strong satirical themes, gently mocking customs and institutions of Victorian England as well as idealistic rebellion itself.

© 2017 Anncona Media AB (Hljóðbók) ISBN: 9789177591221 © 2017 Anncona Media AB (Rafbók) ISBN: 9789177591214

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