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Undead Ultra

Höfundur: Camille Picott Lesari: Gwendolyn Druyor Hljóðbók

A deadly outbreak. A long-distance runner. Can one woman outrun the zombie apocalypse?

Kate’s love for running turned into a coping mechanism after her husband died. But when a lethal zombie virus breaks out, it becomes her only means of survival.

As the infection spreads like wildfire, Kate receives a desperate call from her son, Carter. Trapped in a dorm room with no way out, it falls on Kate to rescue him.

But cars have become a liability in the apocalypse—and standing between Kate and Carter are 200 miles of impassable, zombie-infested roadways.

Kate already lost her husband. Determined not to lose her son, she laces up her running shoes and sets out on foot.

Can Kate survive and reach her son in time?

Undead Ultra is the first book in the adrenaline-charged zombie apocalypse series. If you like Sarah Lyons Fleming, Mark Tufo, and David Simpson, you’ll love this character-driven adventure.

Get ready for blood and blisters. Buy Undead Ultra today!

© 2020 Camille Picott (Hljóðbók) ISBN: 9781664908741

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