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Valley in Bloom

Höfundur: Grace Thompson Rafbók

Every village has its secrets… the charming conclusion to the Valley sagas
As 1954 draws to an end, the village of Hen Carw Parc is changing. The post-war boom brings a creeping lethargy as the villagers stay in watching their new TV sets, instead of going out to enjoy each other’s company.

As usual, however, Nelly is busy keeping tabs on the villagers’ comings and goings. There’s Griff, whose thieving and dishonesty have long-lasting repercussions, Sheila, whose pregnancy sets tongues wagging, and George, whose helpfulness masks a deeper problem…

In an effort to revive flagging community spirit, the villagers enter the Best Kept Village competition – but a cricket match between ‘The Council Houses’ and ‘The Village Proper’ threatens to splits them apart…

Charming and bittersweet, Valley in Bloom is the final instalment in Grace Thompson’s Valley novels, a nostalgic depiction of life in post-war Wales sure to enthral readers of her Holidays at Home, Pendragon Island, and Badgers Brook saga series.
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© 2016 Canelo Saga (Rafbók) ISBN: 9781911420194

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