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Tell Somebody

Tell Somebody

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Latisha Yulfo’s “Tell Somebody” is one of the most life-changing, impactful, and inspirational books written in 2020. It’s time you break free from the negativity and shatter society’s expectations of you. Follow Latisha’s story and discover exactly how you can flip your life around. Whether you want to try entrepreneurship or not, Claim the life that you deserve and transform yourself before it’s too late! Time and time again she was thrown off course, undergone tremendous hardships, and spited by those who she thought were her “friends and family”. She’s been at the bottom before. She understands your situation better than anyone else, because she too was once in your shoes. And now? She’s going to reveal to you page-by-page how to turn your life around. How to start from nothing, and still find yourself at the top. How to go from filthy rags to lavish riches. Why Choose Tell Somebody?Achieve The Life You've Always Wanted. You Speak On It, And It Becomes True. Featuring affirmations that reprogram your mind:? Skyrocket your confidence and become powerful? Get rid of old fears, and stomp your way towards your destination without an ounce of hesitation? Successfully change your habits and mindset to revolutionize your development? Unveil your passions and achieve the fullness of your calling? Fully embrace the path that’s ahead of youMarketers only tell you about “the good life” and fail to acknowledge the most important parts. Like what it’s like to hit rock bottom. Be dirt poor. Anguished. Lonely. Backstabbed. And find yourself tossed into the deepest, darkest pits of despair… But don’t worry. Because no matter your situation, Latisha is there every step of the way to set you straight, and point you towards the right path.
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Útgefandi: Emphaloz Publishing House
Útgefið: 2020-02-12
Lengd: 54Mín
ISBN: 9781518914171

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