Go Standard Library Cookbook: Over 120 specific ways to make full use of the standard library components in Golang - Radomír Sohlich

Go Standard Library Cookbook: Over 120 specific ways to make full use of the standard library components in Golang

Go Standard Library Cookbook: Over 120 specific ways to make full use of the standard library components in Golang

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Implement solutions by leveraging the power of the GO standard library and reducing dependency on external crates
Key Features
• Develop high quality, fast and portable applications by leveraging the power of Go Standard Library.
• Practical recipes that will help you work with the standard library algorithms to boost your productivity as a Go developer.
• Compose your own algorithms without forfeiting the simplicity and elegance of the Standard Library.
Book Description

Google's Golang will be the next talk of the town, with amazing features and a powerful library. This book will gear you up for using golang by taking you through recipes that will teach you how to leverage the standard library to implement a particular solution. This will enable Go developers to take advantage of using a rock-solid standard library instead of third-party frameworks.

The book begins by exploring the functionalities available for interaction between the environment and then operating system. We will explore common string operations, date/time manipulations, and numerical problems.

We'll then move on to working with the database, accessing the filesystem, and performing I/O operations. From an networking perspective, we will touch on client and server-side solutions. The basics of concurrency are also covered, before we wrap up with a few tips and tricks.

By the end of the book, you will have a good overview of the features of the Golang standard library and what you can achieve with them. Ultimately, you will be proficient in implementing solutions with

powerful standard libraries.
What you will learn • Access environmental variables
• Execute and work with child
• processes
• Manipulate strings by performing
• operations such as search,
• concatenate, and so on
• Parse and format the output of
• date/time information
• Operate on complex numbers and
• effective conversions between
• different number formats and bases
• Work with standard input and output
• Handle filesystem operations and file
• permissions
• Create TCP and HTTP servers, and
• access those servers with a client
• Utilize synchronization primitives
• Test your code

Who this book is for
This book is for Go developers who would like to explore the power of Golang and learn how to use the Go standard library for various functionalities. The book assumes basic Go programming knowledge.
Radomír Sohlich received the master's degree in Applied Informatics from Faculty of Applied Informatics at Tomas Bata University in Zlín. After that, he got a job in a start-up company as a software developer and worked on various projects, usually based on the Java platform. Currently, he continues a software developer career as a contractor for a large international company. In 2015, he fell in love with Go and kept exploring the endless power and possibilities of the language. He is passionate about learning new approaches and technology and feels the same about sharing the knowledge with others.
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Útgefandi: Packt Publishing
Útgefið: 2018-02-27
ISBN: 9781788391672

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