The Day That Never Comes - Caimh McDonnell

The Day That Never Comes

The Day That Never Comes

5.0 1 5 Höfundur: Caimh McDonnell Lesari: Morgan C. Jones
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Remember those people that destroyed the economy and then cruised off on their yachts? Well guess what – someone is killing them. Dublin is in the middle of a heat wave and tempers are running high. The Celtic Tiger is well and truly dead, activists have taken over the headquarters of a failed bank, the trial of three unscrupulous property developers teeters on the brink of collapse, and in the midst of all this, along comes a mysterious organisation hell-bent on exacting bloody vengeance in the name of the little guy. Paul Mulchrone doesn’t care about any of this; he has problems of his own. His newly established detective agency is about to be DOA. One of his partners won’t talk to him for very good reasons and the other has seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth for no reason at all. Can he hold it together long enough to figure out what Bunny McGarry’s colourful past has to do with his present absence? When the law and justice no longer mean the same thing, on which side will you stand? The Day That Never Comes is the second book in Caimh McDonnell’s Dublin Trilogy, which melds fast-paced action with a distinctly Irish acerbic wit. Praise for The Day That Never Comes: "Rip-roaringly funny and yet at the same time totally gripping. McDonnell is a force to be reckoned with." Bloomin' Brilliiant Books "Smart & funny; laced with original characters & black humour" Escape From the ER "The Day That Never Comes is a fast paced caper, with a liquorice all-sorts cast of individuals who will entertain you, as you turn each page" Swirl and Thread "A cracker of a book, encompassing some of my absolute favourite characters ever to grace our pages" The Quiet Knitter "It's not just the clever crime plot that makes McDonnell's latest novel a joy to read; it's absolutely hilarious." Whispering Stories "Caimh McDonnell, where have you been all my life? This is a perfect mix of crime and humor . . . I loved every minute of the book." A Bookaholic Swede "Caimh's ability to juxtapose crime and humour is fantastic, this isn't a cozy crime novel with funny bits, or comedy with dark parts." Bibliophile Book Club "Hard to put down, with real laugh out loud moments." ACrimeReadersBlog "Terrifically entertaining with plenty of action keeping the story rolling along at a great pace. Don't let the humour fool you into thinking this is some lightweight cosy crime. There are serious 'baddies' you would not want to mess with and more than one scene which had me wincing. But the humour balances this beautifully and Caimh McDonnell has a great turn of phrase giving his characters sharply witty lines." Portobello Book Blog "A plot that's fast and furious and very well executed." Cleopatra Loves Books
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Útgefandi: McFori Ink
Útgefið: 2018-10-22
Lengd: 11Klst. 36Mín
ISBN: 9781912897025

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