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Empath: Intuitive Practices and Personality Traits of Highly Sensitive People

Höfundur: Camelia Hensen, Vayana Ariz, Erica Showdown Lesari: Samantha Novak, Chloe Jacobson Hljóðbók

This is a book with 9 separate books in it. The titles relate to these topics:

Topic 1: There is an entire psychological premise defended by theorists, therapists, and philosophers who are either for or against relying on intuitive senses to make decisions in life. Those two contradictions will be laid out here as well. After reading or listening to this, you will have a better comprehension of how to perceive this innate instinct and how to become more effective, calculated, and intelligent in your decision-making every day.

Topic 2: In this guide, you’ll figure out some of the major distinctions, as well as specific types of empaths, like earth empaths, physical empaths, relationship empaths, dark empaths, and food empaths. You will also receive some advice about how to lead your empathic children in the right paths of life.

Topic 3: The contents of this book will guide you along to a variety of topics related to high sensitivity. They range from the simple basics of what makes someone a highly sensitive person to the connection between high sensitivity and autism, the attraction of narcissists, tips to stop worrying, and how to face rejection without getting hurt. And the last chapter talks about how hypersensitivity can be a hereditary factor people are born with.

© 2020 Efalon Acies (Hljóðbók) ISBN: 9781664982895

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