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Höfundur: Centre of Excellence Lesari: Jane Branch Hljóðbók

This Homeopathy Diploma Audio Book will teach you all about the wonders of homeopathy, including the history of the practice, why it should be used and how to treat clients with homeopathy. This book goes even further than others on the same topic, as it is also covers how to set up and run your own homeopathic business. Students will learn about what homeopathy actually is, how it came about, the principles behind the practice, why clients would choose this natural approach over medical alternatives, and the breadth of homeopathy as a discipline. You will learn about this reference material and how someone who is practising homeopathy should be aware of both its scope and limitations. We tell you why homeopathy should be used, how it treats the problem causing the condition, rather the symptom, the benefits, and how it is better for us. ** Please note that module 7 is supplied as a pdf.

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