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Meditation: Using Mindfulness, Zen Techniques, and Essential Oils to Heal Your Chakras

Höfundur: Chantal Even, Fred Taylors, Athena Doros, Erica Showdown, Evie Harrison Lesari: Brandon Sukhu, Sarah Margrave, Rory Young, Sarah Owens Hljóðbók

There are 5 titles in this book, which are about the following subjects:

Subject 1: Can meditation help you live longer?

Can meditation help you relax more?

The answer to both of these questions is a resounding “YES!” And in this guide, we’ll help you become more familiar with meditation practices in general, as well as two specific forms of meditation, which are music meditation and guided sleep meditation.

Subject 2: What it takes to be more mindful in your life is simple yet complex. One thing you should do, is focus becoming more that way, but it will not suffice unless you use the mindset and techniques that stimulate such thinking patterns.

In this book, you will be shown those methods, those ways in which you can reset your brain and stay away from negativity, depression, anxiety, stress at your job, or dealing with your busy schedule in more effective ways.

Subject 3: This book takes into consideration the many effects of the various essential oils that are available on the market today. It goes over some excellent utilizations of these oils for someone’s mental and physical health. For example, which essential oils help you sleep better?

Subject 4: Are you mindful of your surroundings?

Do you want to enjoy the present better?

These are things you can enjoy with the help of Zen, which refers to peace of mind and relaxation, in most cases.

Subject 5: This book has the intention to open your eyes to the world of possibilities if you can feel the positive energy flow through your body and spirit. It gives you the necessary tools to uncover the truth about what people have discovered about chakras. It helps you connect to the elements of nature.

© 2020 Efalon Acies (Hljóðbók) ISBN: 9781664915916

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