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Mental Efficiency And Other Hints to Men and Women

Höfundur: Arnold Bennett Rafbók

This carefully crafted ebook: "Mental Efficiency And Other Hints to Men and Women" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Arnold Bennett offers his thoughts on exercising your mind, organising your life, marriage, books and happiness, and other pocket philosophies. The book stands the test of time, and much is still relevant and amusing – perhaps even more so, with nearly 100 years of hindsight, than when it was originally written. Mental Efficiency and Other Hints to Men and Women is the roadmap you need to follow to develop that strength and begin to make positive changes in your life. Enoch Arnold Bennett (1867—1931) was a novelist, playwright, critic, and essayist whose major works form an important link between the English novel and the mainstream of European realism. He also worked in other fields such as journalism, propaganda and film.

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