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Odes to Common Plants

Höfundur: Dian Cunningham Parrotta Rafbók

Odes to Common Plants is a book about loving common plants and respecting their tenacious powers of survival. Each holds a rich history behind them, such as nonvascular plants like mosses and liverworts. See how proud Rose of Sharon is of how she appears in the Old Testament in the book of Song of Solomon. Reflect on how satisfied is the Ginkgo biloba, as you can find biloba fossils dating back 270 million years ago, and yet each autumn Ginkgo trees shower glorious yellow fan-shaped leaves over city urbanites all around the world and are found on fine photos of Ginkgo Leaf Study prints decorating homes and offices.

This book holds poems celebrating those slender forage plants considered by some to be lawn pests, and by others to be awesomely opportunistic, spreading their wonderful selfless seeds of crab and hairy-finger grasses where their stems bend at the nodes which you cannot control.

© 2020 Resource Publications (Rafbók) ISBN: 9781725260641