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Personalities: Finding Yourself and Your Healing Energy through Chakras and Intuitive Senses

Höfundur: Camelia Hensen, Fred Taylors, Lisa Herd, Amy Jileson, Vayana Ariz, Erica Showdown, Cammy Hollows Lesari: Brandon Sukhu, Samantha Novak, Chloe Jacobson, Bonnie Rogers, Queenie Walsh Hljóðbók

You are about to get a combo deal of 7 different books!

Topic 1: There is no doubt about the fact that introverts are different than extroverts. Although every person has their own unique personality traits, some generalizations can help us gain greater insights in the workings of our brains.

Topic 2: Many people are confused about what intuition is, and sometimes even if it’s a real thing or not. In today’s guide, we will discuss what is being understood by intuitive or instinctive impulses, how much of them can be trusted, and how you can use some of these feelings to your advantage.

Topic 3: Who you think you are and who you really are, may be two completely different things. In this book, we will go over the essence of self-love, what it means, what it can mean to you in your personal life, your relationships, and so many other areas.

Topic 4: When you know what you are like – and believe me, many people don’t know themselves very well – you are more likely to be content in life, find success, discover hidden talents, avoid pitfalls, and become happier in general.

Topic 5: Some people have developed a knack for feeling compassion or empathy for other people. To others, it comes naturally.

Topic 6: This book has the intention to open your eyes to the world of possibilities if you can feel the positive energy flow through your body and spirit. It gives you the necessary tools to uncover the truth about what people have discovered about chakras.

Topic 7: The contents of this book will guide you along to a variety of topics related to high sensitivity. They range from the simple basics of what makes someone a highly sensitive person to the connection between high sensitivity and autism, and how to face rejection without getting hurt.

© 2020 Efalon Acies (Hljóðbók) ISBN: 9781662293177

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