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The Story of Classical Music

Höfundur: Darren Henley Lesari: Aled Jones Hljóðbók

The lives and music of the great composers of classical music unfold in this entertaining account, introduced by singer and presenter Aled Jones. In 1200 years, classical music grew from the chanting of medieval monks through the symphonies of Beethoven and the grand operas of Wagner to the huge orchestral sound world of the 21st century, with its electronics and its film music. In his easy going style, Aled Jones paints vivid portraits of over 80 composers, each one illustrated with some of his, or her, most famous music. This all encompassing introduction to classical music also includes a wealth of biographical and instrumental information on the CD ROM element: put CD 4 into the computer and up will come pictures, articles, sheet music, quizzes and more, which will inform and fascinate the whole family.

© 2014 Naxos Audiobooks (Hljóðbók) ISBN: 9789629544072

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