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Under Cover: Why Your Response to Leadership Determines Your Future

Höfundur: John Bevere Lesari: Tom Parks Hljóðbók

From the bestselling author of Killing Kryptonite and The Bait of Satan comes the newly revised edition of John Bevere’s classic Under Cover.

Ever wonder how to respond to a difficult boss?

Why you should listen to them in the first place?

By teaching us how to properly relate to leadership, John shows why living under authority is better than we think.

The truth is, we will all one day have to follow the leader. Whether at school, at work, in the military, or even in the national political arena, the question of who will lead and who will follow is constantly before us.

Your response will determine your future.

© 2018 Thomas Nelson (Hljóðbók) ISBN: 9780785221166

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