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Unwrapping Tess

Höfundur: Krystal Shannan Lesari: Brian Meslar Hljóðbók

Tess Demakis loves the city life. The noise, the lights, the people. Everything about the rush feels like home. The only thing missing is a spark with any of the pack males. After her and her twin sister’s twenty-fifth birthday passes, she’d thought for sure one of the handsome men in her aunt’s pack might’ve been meant for her.

– No. Such. Luck. –

Patrick O’Hearn just got back home from a long tour overseas with his SEAL unit. The big grizzly is ready to lie back and enjoy the snowy mountain inn retreat his brother renovated last year, meet his brother’s wife and some of her family, enjoy good food, etc. The last thing he ever expected was to find a mate, especially not his sister-in-law.

Now he can’t think of anything but unwrapping the gorgeous sassy blonde and making her his forever.

– Best. Christmas. Ever. –

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