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Höfundur: Walter Scott Rafbók

"Ivanhoe" is a historical romance about heroism, loyalty and betrayal. The tension between Saxons and Normans, gentiles and Jews starts to mount, after King Richard the "Lionheart" has been taken captive on his way home from the Third Crusade.

Will King Richard be rescued or Prince John’s vicious plan of stealing the throne will succeed? Which will prevail - the Saxon's will of liberty or the Norman's thirst of tyranny? What is the destiny of medieval England?

This novel is published in 1820 and it is among Scott’s most popular titles. It sends us back to the late 12th century renaissance – times of social transformations, chivalry, romance and adventure.

Sir Walter Scott (1771 – 1832) was a Scottish writer, poet and historian who is considered as the creator of the historical novel. By profession Scott was a lawyer and legal administrator, but the fascinating history and culture of his native Scotland inspired him to become a writer. Some of his most popular titles are "Waverley", "Ivanhoe", "The Lady of the Lake" and "Redgauntlet", which has also served as an inspiration for many authors.

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