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Ketogenic Diet: Simple Practical Guide For Keto Adaptation with Keto Friendly Meals and Recipes to Heal Your Body, Gain Energy, Regain Confidence, Lose Fat and Build Muscles (Keto Diet Plan)

Höfundur: Jane David Lesari: Dave Wright Hljóðbók

A simple practical guide for keto-adaptation.
Your body is a fascinating and complex system. With the right diet, it will start burning stored fat as fuel instead of consumed carbohydrates, resulting in a metabolic state called ketosis. Following a keto diet plan is a great option if you want to see accelerated fat loss in a relatively short amount of time, but it also comes with some challenges. Whether you are just getting started with your weight loss, building muscles and health journey, or you are more experienced and want to up your game, this simple guide will help you to achieve your goals.
Here is a preview of what you'll learn...

What is ketosis?
Ketosis vs. ketoacidosis.
Benefits of keto.
What to expect when going keto.
The top four keto trouble foods.
Hacks for dealing with the keto flu.
Exercise and ketosis.
When to test your ketone levels.
Long-term tracking.
Ketometer, ketostix, keto breathalyzer.
How to find the right amount of protein.
The quickest route to keto.
Sneaky sugar.
Exogenous ketones.
Can vegans go keto?
Keto for weight loss.
Keto and minerals.
Bone broth.
Digestive troubles.
And much, much more!
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