Menage - Dirty for The Lions - A Shifter Menage - Cynthia Mendoza

Menage - Dirty for The Lions - A Shifter Menage

Menage - Dirty for The Lions - A Shifter Menage

3.53 36 5 Författare: Cynthia Mendoza Inläsare: Various narrators
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How would it feel to get dominated by two lion shifters? Would you enjoy it? When Josephine L'amour is offered the chance to visit a Tanzanian big cat preserve to assist with their new tracking program, she can't resist. The head of the big cat exhibitions at the National Zoo, Jo has been a big cat lover since she could talk. So, packing her bags and hopping on a plane, Jo heads off to make her dreams come true. When Jo gets to the sanctuary however, things don't quite go to plan. One of the workers there gets her attention with the legend of the Simbamtu, the lion shifting man, only soon enough Jo finds out that Simbamtu is not just a legend. Simbamtu is real and the Tanzanian reserve is not quite what it promised to be at all. Will Jo compromise her integrity to keep a job of a lifetime? Or will she choose to side with the least likely of allies? Don't wait to find out...grab your copy today!
Språk: Engelska Kategori: Romaner Översättare:

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Förlag: Authors Republic
Utgiven: 2016-08-07
Längd: 1T 16M
ISBN: 9781518930638

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