Prospect: The Real Estate Lead Generation Manual - Brian Icenhower

Prospect: The Real Estate Lead Generation Manual

Prospect: The Real Estate Lead Generation Manual

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Prospect for leads in your real estate business, and you’ll be developing a skill set that produces incredible results for selling your services. Some real estate agents are content to wait in their offices, hoping for potential sellers and buyers to pop in with a listing or an offer. The same agents end up wondering why their business is shrinking instead of expanding.

Top real estate agents understand the importance of prospecting, and they get out in the community to generate the kinds of leads they know will pay off. Prospecting is an intentional activity – one that requires a strategic investment of your time. Random prospecting is almost as detrimental to your business as not prospecting at all. We teach you how to overcome your limiting beliefs and go where the clients are, and we’ll take you there one step at a time.

Whether you just obtained your real estate license or you’re ready to breathe new life into your existing real estate practice, PROSPECT is the one book you must have as your guide. You will be expertly trained on the most tested and effective prospecting methods available: Circle Prospecting, Sphere of Influence, Expired Listings, For Sale By Owners, Previewing Properties, Door Knocking, Open Houses, and much more!

This book presents you with not only the rationale for each strategy but also the scripts, documentation tools and planning ideas you need to hold yourself accountable and use your time efficiently. As a result, getting more leads, more listings, and more sales will earn you a position as a top-performer in the real estate industry. PROSPECT puts you in charge of the commission income that you generate.
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Útgefandi: Author's Republic
Útgefið: 2019-12-07
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ISBN: 9781982737788

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