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Emotionally Bulletproof Scott's Story - Book 2: The Three Twelve and Seventy

Författare: David Allen, Brian Shaul Uppläsare: David Allen Ljudbok

Are Your Relationships Helping You Or Holding You Back?
As his own family turns on him, Scott Calloway has trouble answering this question. After saving his aunt from her abusive husband, Scott finds himself managing her construction company. With the danger of becoming a target of his abusive uncle, and those still loyal to him, Scott must learn to:

•Create healthy social circles

•Choose wisely who to lean on for support

Just like Scott, you may find yourself in need of healthy relationships. By joining Scott in this story, you will have the opportunity to learn a rare, often unexplored lesson from the Bible. After experiencing this story, and the worksheets at the book’s end, you will be that much closer to becoming Emotionally Bulletproof.

© 2022 David Allen (Ljudbok) ISBN: 9798822612754